Emergency Resources Committee

As we have been learning in the last couple of years, many people want to help our nation out in the militia end of the Patriot Movement because the conventional political end is quickly losing any hope it had left for them. People are coming out of the woodwork because they are very worried about the likely future they foresee. Many people are prepping, and many others are training and preparing for violent conflict in the United States. These communities will need to come together at some point in order to support and help each other. The preppers will need security and the Militia will need something to eat other than ammo.

There are many areas where patriotic Americans can support and help the Patriot Community, even if they do not want to serve in or cannot properly qualify for the Colorado Front Range Militia's combat units. If there is a disaster, be it natural or man-made, and if the basic infrastructure of our community is crippled, WE ALONE will need to pick up the pieces, put as much of it back together as possible, and get the larger community running soundly again.

Please find it in your heart as a caring American to step forward and help us create an emergency resources committee of skilled people to help our community and support the Militia in its efforts to protect all of us and our Freedom. For example, if you are a medical professional, you could be the first to step up and put some effort into establishing a local patriot network of emergency medical clinics. Whether a nurse, paramedic, med technician, or a doctor, you at least basically know what we will need and possibly who we will need.

In the event of any catastrophe or civil upset for any reason, our state and local government officials will almost certainly be overwhelmed and thus unable to come to our aid. It will therefore be OUR collective responsibility to respond and bring it all together for ourselves, our families, and our local communities.

Below are just some of the resources we may need to restore and revitalize our society after some serious, disruptive event.

Medical/Paramedical - Dental - Construction/Mechanical/Automotive-Repair Skills - Firefighting Skills - Transportation (trucks/cars/motorcycles/bicycles) - Food-Growing Skills (agricultural/hydroponics, etc.) - Law-Enforcement/Peace Keeping
background (for liaison with government) - Utilities (water/electric power/sewage treatment)

If you are interested in contributing your expertise in one or more certain fields, please contact us and let us know where you can and would like to.