Membership Requirements & Application


All members of Colorado Front Range Militia MUST be natural-born or naturalized United States citizens without any current felony record.  We know that people who have immigrated to the United States from oppressed countries and have gone through the trouble to learn our Constitution and legally become U.S. citizens can appreciate our freedoms more than those natural-born citizens who may take our freedoms for granted.  They are NOW Americans.


All members of Colorado Front Range Militia MUST have their own vehicle in good working order.  It would be a good idea to be able to stockpile extra fuel and wearable parts such as vital rubber parts like belts and hoses, certain ignition parts, and lubrication and maintenance needs.  A 4x4 or off-road-capable vehicle is most desirable, but not mandatory.


Before they can join, members of Colorado Front Range Militia MUST have a basic load-out of at least one primary weapon like a semi-automatic tactical long arm that will accept 20 or more rounds of ammunition from detachable magazines and a method of carrying at least 200 rounds of extra ammunition in additional magazines that will accept 20 or more rounds of ammunition for the semi-auto rifle(s).  Every member must have at least one secondary weapon like a sidearm of no less than 9mm in power and caliber and at least two (2) extra magazines or revolver speed-loaders.  Every member must have the tools and spare parts necessary to keep their primary weapons running ON THEIR GEAR.

slide_eventsCFRM will no longer accept any new members unless they are armed or request immediate consultation on what to acquire within 30 days.

Any Class 3 weapons MUST be owned and supervised by a member who has the proper federal paperwork for those weapons.  No full-auto or silenced weapons will be allowed without valid permitting documents during domestic peacetime.


It is against the law to possess explosives and is very risky legally to even have the separate components to make explosive devices.  Study in the use and employment of ordnance on your own, but DO NOT physically experiment with it.  We have freedom of the press and there is nothing wrong with academic education and scientific knowledge, but do NOT search for this information on the Internet!  No explosives are allowed in our unit or in a member's personal possession during domestic peacetime.


All members MUST be able to do no less than 25 push-ups and be able to carry a combat and/or support load of 65 lbs. for a distance of no less than 1 mile over moderate terrain.


All members are expected to keep confidential any information such as training plans, specific training areas, identity of other members, and any information regarding other members.  When we operate with other units, we will still maintain a need-to-know standard for operational security.  Constitutional peace officers are welcome to join so long as they are upfront and honest about their profession and intent.


All members at all times must conduct themselves as civilized human beings and not as thieves, thugs, miscreants, or criminals.  Lying to other members in good standing will not be tolerated.  Members must maintain personal integrity and honor at all times.

Racism and religious or cultural prejudice will not be tolerated.

Every new applicant for membership MUST pass a $20.00 criminal background check, which will confirm their identity and that they are not a felon.  You alone will enter your social security number on the screen when your background check is being submitted.  We will need to scan your Colorado Driver's License for this task.  The reason for the background check will NOT be divulged to anyone outside the unit.  As far as anyone outside the unit is concerned, it will be for "possible employment" with a company.


All members during times of domestic peace must conduct themselves as civilized human beings and not as thieves, thugs, miscreants, or criminals.  Also, it is much safer for the unit if, during public protests and demonstrations, all members are not attracting too much attention to themselves and act to avoid getting arrested for anything, even if it has to do with expressing their right to free speech.  Any criminal activity, even if outside the unit, is still a huge legal liability to the unit.

"Sovereign citizens" cannot be members if they have renounced their U.S. citizenship.


It is understood that all members are hard-working Americans who must work for a living and to supply their personal weapons and gear.  We all must feed our families, keep a roof over our heads, and have personal time for our families and worship.  God, family, and country, in that order.  That being said, it will take some dedication of your time to be a member of this militia unit.  If you miss too much time in classes and field training, you will not only cheat yourself of valuable training experience, but it will cost the unit too much time in trying to bring you up to speed.  You will miss out on important group decisions as well.

We meet for class twice per month and meet for actual training once per month.  This means two - three meetings per month.  Some Field Training Exercises (FTXs) will be weekend campouts, and many will be just day exercises.  If some of us miss a meeting once in a while, there is no harm done, and a reasonable effort will be made to update those who have missed.  We don't want to lose good Patriots, but we will expect a minimum of 9 out of 10 meetings to be attended.

"Auxiliary Members" are spouses of members or support people for actual members and are not obligated to the 90% attendance standard.  Auxiliary members are also people who are part of logistical support and other support in general.

Someone will act as secretary of unit activities and meetings to keep a record of decisions and training progress made in the form of minutes and performance scores and achievements.  This role will be assigned to the member or auxiliary member best suited for this role at the time and location.


From time to time we will need to purchase common unit-owned equipment, training aids, or specialized mission equipment other than personal weapons, as well as pay other expenses to keep up the momentum of the training and to be prepared for specialized missions.  These expenses are going to have to be paid for with dues from each and every member, to be collected at every meeting.  When members miss meetings, they will be expected to make up any missed dues payments.  Dues will be kept by the unit treasurer (an auxiliary member) who will make a financial report at every meeting, either personally or through a delegate if not able to attend.  Auxiliary members are exempt from paying dues.  Donations from auxiliary members and outside support services will be entered into the dues pool and accounted for.

Dues are non-refundable, and common equipment stays in the possession of the unit and those current members entrusted with keeping and/or storing said equipment.  If any member who keeps any common unit equipment leaves the unit or is discharged as a member, s/he must relinquish the equipment to the unit upon departure.  Current membership dues are $20.00 per month.


CFRM has a zero tolerance drug policy for drug use, drug addiction and work within the marijuana industry.  We will not admit anyone who works directly or indirectly for the marijuana industry, legal or not.  Medical Marijuana Patients with Red Cards are barred from legally possessing firearms, therefore are not able to join CFRM.  People who work directly in the marijuana industry or even outside contracted security guards for the marijuana industry may not join CFRM.

Regretfully it is an unconstitutional ruling we must choose to abide by just like certain weapons restrictions during times of peace.  Just to play it safe and keep the law off of our backs.



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Membership Application

To streamline the application process CFRM will now be recruiting on a quarterly basis. During the months of January, April, July, and October the general application will be open on this page. After you've completed the application we will contact you within 60 days to schedule an in-person interview.