Our Mission

1. The primary part of our mission is to train with our immediately affiliated Patriots in every aspect of serving our community and physically fighting for our nation’s freedom from tyranny.
2. Networking with other local and interstate Militia units so in a time of major crisis we can come together as a formidable and effective fighting force.
3. Work with local preppers in security and logistics.
4. Strive to work together with Constitutional Peace Officers and Constitutional U.S. Military in time of need so long as they are not following unconstitutional orders or firing on American Patriots.
5. Serve as the vanguards of freedom and support with security the fine Americans who will “clean the slate” to start over and reaffirm our Constitution.
6. Serve as key overseers and security of a revitalized local Constitutional Peace Officer and Court System.
7. Stay to Protect and Serve the Community... Not Run to the Hills!
8. Keep training and handing skills down to future generations of Patriots.
9. To NEVER disband again!
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."

Thomas Jefferson, Proposed Virginia Constitution, 1776, Jefferson Papers 344.

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Who We Are

We do not condone or allow illegal activities. We are interracial and open to other cultures.

We are a Constitutional Colorado Militia Unit. We are a group of American Citizens in the the Colorado Front Range area who believe that our rights are STILL worth defending. We believe that our way of life is worth fighting for. We insist on freedom for ourselves, and freedom for our children. We consider the United States Constitution the supreme law of the land. We all recognize that our rights are God given and were numerated by the founders so we as citizens know those rights and will take the responsibility to protect those rights from Government infringements of those rights. These rights are granted to us from God (Yes, GOD). We consider any treaties or legislation that attempts to undermine our God-given rights to be illegal, invalid, and treasonous.

We do not condone or allow illegal activities.
We are interracial and open to other cultures.
We are here to help our communities and serve our fellow Americans.
We do not run in the face of adversity. We will stay and fight.

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We Train Regularly
Community Support... Land Navigation... Tracking... Evasive Driving... Radio Communications... Search and Rescue... Mountaineering... Manning and Evading Checkpoints and Roadblocks... Ammunition Reloading... Combat Medical... Clandestine Operations... Long Range Precision Marksmanship... Logistical Support... Ambush... Raids... Patrolling... Rural Warfare... Urban Warfare... S.E.R.E... Weapons Malfunction Clearing... Interrogation... Reconnaissance... Intelligence Gathering... Winter Survival... Urban Camouflage... Counter Surveillance... Prisoner Handling... Winning Citizen Support... Honor...

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As we have been learning in the last couple of years, many people want to help our nation out in the militia end of the Patriot Movement because the conventional political end is quickly losing any hope it had left for them. People are coming out of the woodwork because they are very worried about the likely future they foresee. Many people are prepping, and many others are training and preparing for violent conflict in the United States. These communities will need to come together at some point in order to support and help each other. The preppers will need security and the Militia will need something to eat other than ammo.

There are many areas where patriotic Americans can support and help the Patriot Community, even if they do not want to serve in or cannot properly qualify for the Colorado Front Range Militia's combat units. If there is a disaster, be it natural or man-made, and if the basic infrastructure of our community is crippled, WE ALONE will need to pick up the pieces, put as much of it back together as possible, and get the larger community running soundly again.